4 Key traits of optimistic people


By Fatoumatta Kurang

Are you a glass that’s half-full or half-empty? Do you think positively all the time even when things go wrong or do you take a negative stance? Generally people are not optimistic or pessimistic all the time, but a mixture of both depending on the situation at hand. The key is to learn how to tip the balance in favour of optimism, why? Because anyone wanting to make the transition from employee to business owner will quickly realise that negativity really has no place in business.

Being optimistic will enable you to adapt to any crisis when planning to start a business or when already running it. For instance, optimistic people see challenging situations as a short-term thing and an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and improve in the future. Winston Churchill explained this well when describing a non-optimistic person as someone who views the challenges in all opportunities, whilst a non-pessimist sees opportunities in all obstacles.

4 Optimistic traits - Featured imageIn life there are always down times, so you can stay down, give up and run away from the problem, or kill yourself with worry (Not the best ideas I think you would agree!). Or you can get up when you are knocked down and continue to fight.

Hopefully you are not waving your surrender flag just yet and you’re looking for some tips to increase your optimism levels. The following are 4 traits of optimistic people – read, digest and then apply:

• Optimistic people are grateful: They are often grateful for the little things, for instance, winning small victories, appreciating compliments from other people or finding things to be thankful for in a challenging situation. For example, if you make a huge business mistake and lose money; being able to be grateful that you can learn from what went wrong, that the whole thing could have been worse and that you didn’t lose any more money.

• They stay positive in difficult circumstances: Many start-up firms especially those with limited finances, face many obstacles. This might involve juggling numerous commitments such as your family, working as an employee in your job, struggling to get your business idea off the ground and finding investors, and so on. Optimistic people remain positive when going through hard times, enabling them to find solutions to solve the problem. Through negative eyes, a solution can walk right past you without you noticing. Operate with the attitude and expectation that you will find a way and you will.

• They forgive easily: It’s natural to feel resentment towards others because they treated you badly and you may find it difficult to forgive them. Once you embrace a more optimistic you, you’ll surprise yourself with how quickly you can forgive others and just move on. Resentment fuels negativity and hinders the flow of good positive energy. You may think holding a grudge makes you feel better, but replacing this with focused energy on bringing positive things into your life will benefit you tenfold long term.

• They avoid toxic relations: Those who are optimistic (hopefully including you) avoid groups of people that drain life and energy from them. Toxic people beat down your confidence, don’t support your ambitions or your long term goals; in fact promote all things negative at every given chance. It’s important that you recognise when you are in an unhealthy relationship and swiftly take action to change it or move on. This is true of personal or business relationships. When you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

Being optimistic all the time, especially when you are making the transition to become a business owner can be very challenging. But, once embraced  you will find that you are less stressed, more solution orientated, more productive and generally more confident – all incredibly important factors that are needed when running a business.

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