4 Simple steps to manage stress in your business

By Paola De Pascali

Life can be tough for business people, with heavy workloads, a busy agenda and not enough time in the day resulting in a stressful challenge for many.  In fact, if entrepreneurs could get their hands on that proverbial magic lamp, one of their three wishes would surely be longer days.

It is of course impossible to double the hours available in a day, but there are some simple solutions to help make your life easier and stress free.


1. Plan and manage everything

To avoid chaos and stress make sure you have a completed business plan to give you clear picture of your business and an understanding of what you need to do on a daily basis.  Your business plan is key to keeping you on track and on task and will help you action plan effectively.

On a daily basis, manage your time better by using an agenda or a whiteboard to take note of your commitments to carry out during the day. Also estimate how long each task will take to make sure you have not set yourself up to fail by planning too many tasks in the time available.

To get help on how to create the right plan for your business, check out ‘The “Everything” business plan book: all you need to plan for success in a new or growing business’, by Dan Ramsey and Stephen Windhaus. The book also comes with a CD containing 60 sample business plans for a variety of popular ventures.

2. Develop multitasking skills

Multitasking is an essential skill needed to improve your business activities. As the Harvard Business Review puts it, “If I’m painting my house, and I’m on a ladder, I’ve got to keep on that one task. But if I’m the general contractor, I need to stay on top of the house painter, the carpenter, the electrician, and the guy swinging that big ball on the end of a giant chain”.

When you have many obstacles in your way, multitasking helps you to find another solution.  Very much like problem solving, multitasking is fundamental when you get stuck on a task, enabling you to move onto something else and return to the challenge you were stuck on with a new and innovative perspective.

3. Stay healthy

Business owners usually work at a hectic pace without having time to eat properly. Snacking on sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks is linked to a diet high in sugar and fat which can lead to diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle will help your stress levels and impact positively on your performance in your business. Make the time to cook some healthy meals like pasta and vegetables or buy healthy food, such as fruits and nuts.

To save time, try preparing your meals the evening or day before, or bulk prepare a few days at a time; you’ll be less likely to opt for fast food if you have a meal already prepared waiting for you in the fridge.

In addition to this, take a break to do sporting activities to ease tension and to relax yourself. Organise an activity with a friend, or simply go for a jog or leisurely walk.

4. Meditate

Many business people who feel stressed and over-worked, choose meditation techniques to clear their mind.

The regular form of daily meditation is a standard one. You sit still, pay attention to your breathing, and when your mind decides to wander off (frequently), you gently bring your attention back to your breath. It’s mind training, and it has enormous potential to improve your life.

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