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5 Success Tips from Joanne Jarrett

5 Success Tips from Joanne Jarrett

Grab some quick tips from the genius provider of quality transcripts from audio files – worldwide.

Inside Choices caught up with busy entrepreneur and founder of Totally Typing Ltd, Joanne Jarrett and asked her to share 5 tips that have kept her at the top of her game and winning in life….

 Look after you; the head of an amazing team knows that in order to win you have to look after number one; Joanne says “Being a ‘workaholic’ and skimping on sleep is counter-productive. You’ll achieve far more by making sure you are well rested at the start of each day and that means (as far as possible), developing the habit of getting the correct amount of sleep that you need to function properly. Whether it’s five or eight hours – turn that laptop/PC off and get some shut-eye at a regular time each night”.

Do something totally unconnected to your business in your spare time; Joanne knows that staying focused and creating inspiration comes easily with variety.  For instance if you organise lavish, extravagant events, parties or shows – take up hill walking, or lessons in flying a light aircraft on the weekends. The entrepreneur who has worked on projects as diverse as BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, to national religious symposiums tells us “by adding variety to your life, your brain will be exposed to different groups of people and concepts; which will in turn allow new ideas to flourish”.

Joanne says that one of her secrets of success is to Smile; yes, it’s that simple – smile more.  Jarrett says “It’s a scientific fact that people gravitate naturally more toward those who adopt a welcoming smile. People are more inclined to want to listen to what you have to say, invest time or money with you, and even take a ‘risk’ on you if you display a warm, friendly smile”.

Joanne has managed to stay ahead of her competition by simply understanding that we are what we repeatedly do; she says “Keep up to date with news and new innovations in your selected area. Attend seminars, conferences and gatherings. Join organisations, clubs and groups so that you regularly find yourself in the company of those who are ahead of you and take every opportunity to absorb as much as you can about your service, profession or trade and you will over time, become proficient and successful in your chosen field”.

Hang on tight to your original dream; it might sound cliched  but Joanne is a firm believer that the power of thinking positively should never be underestimated; even when things are not going your way. The entrepreneur who has a clear vision for success believes that the true measure of a person becomes apparent with how they deal with their most trying situations. She says “being able to clearly envision the results you are working towards can only encourage success”.

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Joanne Jarrett is the owner and a director of Totally Typing Ltd. (Transcription Services). Contact her on 0208 761 5045, email her directly at or visit the website “If you can say it, we can type it”.


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