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We are the new complete business & lifestyle guide for the employeepreneur. See what’s inside CHOICES below:

  • BUSINESS CHOICES – Topics affecting the small business owner and entrepreneurs covered monthly, researched and verified by world leaders, providing practical strategies for success in all areas of life.
  • LIFESTYLE CHOICES – All about creating and living the ultimate ‘work life balance’. Working and playing hard. Enjoying life to the full.
  • WELLBEING CHOICES – All about mind, body and soul, and how this directly affects performance in business and life. Enlightening features look at ways to achieve holistic balance and happiness.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH CHOICES - Mindset is the key stone to success in any industry. World success leaders, coaches, speakers, authors and trainers, share strategies that will change reader’s circumstances dramatically.

Choices Magazine, the new glossy business and lifestyle magazine for the employeepreneur, early start ups and growing small businesses, will give you invaluable help and resources to take your business to the next level. We understand the perils of setting up and running a small business without adequate support, investment, skills and knowledge – Choices Magazine was born out of frustration and has now emerged as the no.1 Business and Lifestyle Magazine. The Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Personal growth sections address the problems, giving you solutions that you need to excel and make a success of your business venture; as no other magazine understands more how these other areas can impact on your success, worse still, stop you completely!

Choices is the only magazine available specifically tailored to support the transition from an employee to full time entrepreneur. With more and more people facing redundancy and job losses in the current recession, the life of an entrepreneur is becoming a real viable option for many.

The magazine features compelling features, cutting edge information and inspiring articles, with a total focus on you and your entrepreneurial success. Features, stories and articles are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and the know how to win.  We provide you with information to give you the edge, focus and necessary qualities to deliver your best and to be a leader in your field.

Readers are exposed to a variety of development opportunities including success principles, practical projects, problem solving techniques, plus strategies that work and produce huge results.  And for the serious entrepreneur; Choices Magazine provides a stream of income and a huge platform to develop and launch their brand.

We are all about the next generation of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to nurture and build into successful brands. Choices seeks out the big dreamers and forward thinkers; in particular, today’s self starter and tomorrow’s entrepreneur; the next gigantic global brand.

You owe it to yourself to see how easily you can get mass media on your side and continue your journey to ultimate success.

Step up, sign up and move up with Choices!