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By Rachel Myles

The no jargon, straight talking book ‘Watertight Marketing’, by author, speaker and consultant, Bryony Thomas, is aimed at helping small business owners to stop making mistakes and start making more profits. It is split into 4 parts that expose mistakes you might be making in your business and explains how to fix them. Bryony’s whole new concept on how to market your business, which she has been putting into practice and learning over her lengthy career, is now being used widely across the country by both small businesses and huge corporations alike. I had a quick chat with Bryony to get to know her and her success a little better.

1. Tell us a bit about your early background? University? Early marketing career? Why did you want to go into marketing?

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As a child I grew up in a very rural area of Pembrokeshire, Wales, where the nearest place that sold milk was at least 6 miles away. I stayed there until I went to university in Bristol and studied politics (because I wanted to be the Prime Minister!). Whilst I was there I decided that wasn’t really what I wanted to do and that the people who wanted to be in politics also, didn’t really want to help the public at all. By chance, I happened into the world of marketing; as I only had a grant of £500 per term and had no other funds, I got a part-time job with ActionAid as a fundraiser and I loved it. I worked there between 20-30 hours a week alongside my degree for three years. After leaving university I started at a recruitment company because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next and after about a year there, a job popped onto my desk that looked interesting as a Marketing Executive and I went for it. I got the job! Stayed there for four years and left as the senior account manager for Microsoft (aged 24).  From there, I went on to a role as divisional director of marketing in FTSE100, Experian and set up on my own in 2008.

2. What gave you the idea for your book, Watertight Marketing?Watertight Marketing Book Cover

I suppose I trace the roots of my ideas all the way back to ActionAid and my recruitment job and well, everything I have done in my career. I believe all the work I have done has led me to where I am today. The actual idea for the book came about 3 years after I started my consultancy and was almost as an answer to having too high a demand in customers, as I wasn’t able to see everyone and I wanted too. Writing the book got all of my ideas and thoughts down and it’s an end to end methodology which people can learn and refer back to.

3. It says your book is aimed at small business owners, why?

Simply, because it matters. It really matters. When you are working for a multi-million pound corporation and have a huge budget, what you’re doing doesn’t seem to matter too much. But for real people, who have a small budget, their mortgages, children and their lives are on the line, it really is important that they do it right.

4. What do you want people to get out of your book?

Honestly, I want people to stop wasting their money on marketing. I want them to feel calm and confident with the decisions they are making and be informed enough to know they are going to be the right decisions.

5. Can you share your top 3 coaching tips for marketing success?

  1. DON’T yoyo. Steady marketing is a much better decision and will achieve real sales results. Little and often is much better and will help build your business.
  2. Make sure you look at your buying decisions from the buyer’s perspective. Walk their position; marketing is not just about convincing people to buy your product, it’s about making sure it’s the right decision for them and you at the time and helping them make an informed decision.
  3. Turn marketing completely on its head. Most people think of marketing as generating awareness, which it is but this is the step you should be doing at the end of the journey, not at the beginning. You need to start at the bottom and walk it forwards but build it backwards and end up at the front door. If you do it the other way you will lose money because the foundation isn’t there.

6. Lastly, as a person, what traits do you think are essential to be successful in business?

Resilience. You need to have a thick skin because you will have some very hard times in business and you need to be able to withstand all the tough times as well as the great times. Generosity is another, this is so important because when people have a good business idea, they tend to keep it locked away and to themselves to protect it but you need to shine a light on it and make it known that it is yours so people will always associate you with that idea, it is the best way to protect it. Being generous with your best ideas is what will get you noticed.


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