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The struggle will make you strong

The struggle will make you strong

Anthony Charles, CEO Choices Magazine and Team Titanium Many times people ask me what it takes to develop a successful business, and some are surprised by my answer. I normally check first to see if they are currently earning the type of money they want, or if they have a sound plan of action for more »

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Do you really need a Business Plan?

 5 Minutes with Joanne Jarrett from Totally Typing Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur can be very daunting; one thing we really encourage employeepreneurs to do is make a solid business plan. This enables you to clearly map out your journey from employee to entrepreneur. In our current edition of Choices Magazine, digital transcription more »

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Making the transition

EMPLOYEE TO ENTREPRENEUR – MAKING THE TRANSITION I remember speaking to a very good friend of mine many years ago on the subject of making the transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur and I remember describing what I felt it would be like.  I believed that it would be like leaping across a more »

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Get a FREE advert

TELL US WHAT MAKES CHOICES MAGAZINE SPECIAL TO YOU AND WE’LL GIVE YOU A FREE ADVERT! When we launched Choices Magazine we had no idea that it would become so popular and useful to so many entrepreneurs so quickly.  In one of our many brainstorming sessions, we asked ourselves ‘what makes Choices so popular?’  We more »

Are Obstacles Keeping You From Growing Your Business?

ARE OBSTACLES KEEPING YOU FROM GROWING YOUR BUSINESS? Are you making real progress in your business?  Are you overcoming the obstacles that get in the way, while still doing what is necessary in spite of what life throws at you?  Can you see the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur clearer than you did last more »

Your Marketing Message

YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE We talk to many businesses daily and find that many fall into what we call the marketing blind spot; they make fatal mistakes with their marketing messages that cause them a loss of customers income and in this current climate; their business. Here are 5 quick tips to keep your marketing messages more »