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The Urgent Vs the Important

The Urgent Vs the Important When you are actively working towards developing a thriving business of your own, it can be so easy to get stumped by the constant obstacles; and you can spend ages doing the urgent tasks rather than the important ones. The urgent tasks are the things that constantly seem to scream more »

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Make a real plan for 2013

Make a real plan for 2013 The latest issue of Choices Magazine is out now and it’s creating a real buzz; we worked really hard (what’s new) on this issue and the feedback has been totally amazing.  Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us so far; your feedback is encouraging and more »

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5 Success Tips from Joanne Jarrett

5 Success Tips from Joanne Jarrett Grab some quick tips from the genius provider of quality transcripts from audio files – worldwide. Inside Choices caught up with busy entrepreneur and founder of Totally Typing Ltd, Joanne Jarrett and asked her to share 5 tips that have kept her at the top of her game and more »

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Successful Cold Calling – with Sean Lydon

Doing the rounds in North London Choices Magazine caught up with Sean Lydon.  We talked business, drank coffee and picked up some gems from a master business sales trainer who teaches proactive selling and is a master in the art of cold calling. Take 5 minutes and join our conversation…  At Choices we come across more »

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What can you learn about marketing from Coca Cola?

Over the past few weeks we have been working with many new clients with very exciting businesses and ideas; from luxury cakes, business printing, bookkeeping and a Saturday school, to cosmetics and skin care.  The main thing we have been working with all of these entrepreneurs on, is having a greater understanding of their market, more »

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What is Your Niche?

WHAT IS YOUR NICHE? Our CEO has done a series of talks educating small business owners about the importance of finding their niche in the market.  So we asked Anthony to give us his thoughts on entrepreneurs finding a niche. Well the first thing is to really understand what a niche is:  it is a more »