Dressing for success: must-haves for men and women


By Paola De Pascali

Choosing the right outfit for your business can be tough, but dressing for success is the real challenge. Many employees who decide to take the next big step and become entrepreneurs have to think about not just money, taxes and paperwork, but their appearance, as well.  Why? Because looking smart, fashionable and stylish, will help get your new business adventure off on the right foot.

Style represents your visual business card. It’s what people see before you start talking about your business.  It’s what people will observe before they consider your proposal.

Take a moment to think about this aspect: does your wardrobe reflect the most powerful, smart, savvy, investable and empowered you?
If the answer is ‘no’, don’t panic, we spoke to Luigi Gaballo, an Italian fashion stylist who listed the top must-haves for men and women entrepreneurs who want to dress for success.

To express immediate trustworthiness and professionality, Gaballo urged that the key words “tastefulness” and “sobriety” are the most important.

“Saying that, it doesn’t mean you should lose your personality, you should actually keep your character, even though it is strong and exuberant,” Gaballo said.

“Personalising is fundamental because you can make your outfit unique, building a very original image of yourself. You are not a copy of someone else, you are just you, and your clothes can testify that.”

He also suggested choosing some basic dresses with which you can create several outfits every day, matching accessories to give you a touch of more style as well. Gaballo added “It’s also important to keep in mind that the best business colours are black, anthracite grey and blue.”

1.    Single-breasted (with 2 or 3 buttons) suit or double-breasted suit in royal blue or grey
2.    White shirt with French collar
3.    Tie with regimental motif  (R.E.M.E. motif)
4.    Blue blazer matched with denim trousers
5.    Lisle socks
6.    Derby or Oxford model style shoes or laced shoes with lateral buckles
7.    Watch with chronograph and leather wristband

Luigi Gaballo - male must haves pic 1

Luigi Gaballo - male must haves pic 2

1.    Jacket and skirt suits or jacket and trousers suits in these colours: blue, grey and black
2.    White blouse
3.    Black sheath dress
4.    Handbag like Kelly or Hermes model
5.    Delicate jewellery, e.g. pearls or gold chain necklace (Pomellato)
6.    Decolletè shoes in black leather or patent like slink back or Chanel model
7.    Covered pantyhose
8.    Natural and light make up
9.    Perfect manicure with short nails with nude nail polish or red

Luigi Gaballo - female must haves pic


For more information about Luigi Gaballo visit: www.luigigaballo.com

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