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Easy Tips For a Healthier Heart

With The Heart Guy Adam Shaw

Mention hearts and health and you will probably be drawn instantly to the two main, well publicised factors of diet and exercise. These are well documented, well researched and offer conclusive proof that they both help the health of your heart. However, what if there were other, far more important factors to consider?

The bit you don’t hear so much about.

Over 13 years of nursing I saw similar issues presented time and time again. So many people regulate their diet, struggling to resist the foods that they know and love, which may not be particularly good for them. Frequently, people who had been on diets watched their cholesterol rise, and were frustrated at why this was happening. Also, there are numerous accounts of people who drop dead whilst exercising.

What could possibly cause this?

Having studied human belief systems and their relation to wellbeing I have concluded that it is how you feel that is often the greatest indicator of heart health, rather than what you do. If you love eating food that is slightly less healthy for you, this is better for you than hating your new, healthier diet. Your mood and emotions that surround your actions are the keys to monitoring your wellbeing.

In other words, it is better to eat that bar of chocolate, fried breakfast or slice of cake and feel good than consciously not eat it and feel conflict. However, it is just as important to balance your actions with something healthier if you are prone to falling off the rails occasionally.

Do what you want – just add balance to your life.

I have found that unless you have sufficient motivation to give something up (such as a death scare, terminal illness or threat of the end of a relationship) then it is better to not give anything up. Just choose to eat/drink/smoke less and balance it with something healthier.

What can you do to easily balance your health habits?

There are a few things that can be easily added to your life that will cause you to feel better easily. The first is to ensure that you are adequately hydrated. By starting the day with an extra glass of water you not only flush out the waste products that build up in your body during the night, you also easily improve your health.

If you really want to take it to another level, add lemon to your water. I cut a lemon in half and float it in my water filter, changing it every 3-4 days. Since your blood is naturally slightly alkaline, neutral foods and fluids are not ideal. Lemons are naturally a little bit alkaline and can restore natural harmony to your system.

Go walking more.

Walking is not only a way to get you from a to b, it is also an almost perfect exercise and an opportunity to clear your head, reset your body and prepare for the day ahead. You can use every step you take to energise your body, your mind and your life. Start by treating walking as exercise. If you are not finding time to get to the gym or meditate, you can use walking for both.

Guilt is the biggest barrier to heart health.

If you are going to do something good for your heart, start by adding habits that help and reducing the habits which aren’t. Giving up things that you like is the same as swimming against the current – it’s hard and often pointless.

Do what you want, lose guilt and add a few things that improve your health and you will find that over time you are less inclined to do the things that are not good for you.

It is a marathon, not a sprint where your heart is concerned, so change at a steady pace.


Adam Shaw

Adam has studied health since training as a nurse in the NHS, which he did for over 13 years. He has also trained in Reiki, NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Vortex Healing and Energetic NLP. He’s the creator of Walk Innovation’s Active Energy System, founder of The Healthy Heart Academy and author of ‘Secrets of a Cardiac Nurse – The Prescription Doctors Don’t Give’.

These days he works as The Heart Guy, educating people on health and the lunatic gene, which he believes is responsible for people’s less than healthy lifestyle choices.

He now works with families who have a dying parent and educates people on his Active Energy System, showing you how to get more energy, motivation and wellbeing through focusing their mind as you walk. He has several useful resources at



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