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Choices Magazine co founder Anthony Charles has a chat with productivity expert Patty Cruz-Fouchard about how to get organised when working from home.

This month at Inside Choices we’ve been focusing on home based businesses; so while thinking of writing an article with words like entrepreneur, home, business, focus and success in my mind, I thought about who I could have a chat with who could provide you, our readers, with essential information on running a successful home based business.

I instantly thought of Patty Cruz–Fouchard of Organised and Simple who I met at a recent Round Table event; here is her bio; do you think I’m onto something here?

“Patty Cruz-Fouchard is a Productivity Expert & Professional Organiser – she helps really busy people who are overwhelmed with the chaos in their life become more organised by developing and implementing bespoke systems and routines.”

Unlike some productivity experts that I have met who act as concierges or organisers, actually carrying out tasks for their clients in order to help them to be more productive, Patty specifically helps her clients to create systems and routines so that they can increase their personal productivity and build on their successes.

Speaking to Patty about helping those who feel overwhelmed, I could see how easily this could affect entrepreneurs; it may simply be the difficulty in dealing with the day to day challenges of running a business; or in some cases a particular episode that just nudges the individual into a state of chaos; nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about; in fact the real shame is not getting help from someone who specializes in time and space organization – and that’s where Patty comes in.

With a background as a Manangement Consultant at IBM (Financial Services) Patty already had great organisational skills; but when she reached the stage of having a demanding job and two kids, she wanted to use her time working more efficiently while making quality time for the kids.  Three years down the road and putting her numerous skills into practice, Organised and Simple is going from strength to strength.

Of course I had to tap Patty for some gems for our readers, so I asked her to share some specific advice on being organized when you are running a home office.

Here are her 4 gems for Inside Choices.

1.  Show up to work; be dressed and ready to perfom.  Sure, working from home affords you the privilege of showing up to your desk or work space in your pyjamas.  But if you are dressed properly for work, you send a physiological message to yourself that you are ready for a day’s work and this does wonders for your productivity.

2.  Have a dedicated workspace; it is important to designate a room or the corner of one as a work space; really get yourself organised; go into detail; for instance, having different in and out trays for work related and personal items.

3.  Keep focused; there are numerous distractions at home; deal with the time wasters such as social media and the phone head on; Patty says ‘switch them off’.  Organise your time; work in intervals of 25 minutes or so, then take a 5 minute interval (I can really endorse this).  Eat that frog; we don’t mean rushing off to the nearest pond, but reading and applying the principles set out in Brian Tracy’s book of the same title.

4.  Use your productive time wisely by investing in yourself and in your business; have some money set aside so that you can outsource the things you are not good at, so that you can get the best out of the time you have.

I could have spoken to Patty for ages but ever the organiser, she was on point and our allocated time was up.  We will definitely be returning to follow Patty’s progress and to get more tips on how to be organised as an entrepreneur or SME.

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