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By Paola De Pascali

Setting up a new business creates a profound change in your life, with the fear of failure plaguing the minds of many entrepreneurs. To overcome the fear of the failure, life coach Tim Mikelj says you have to accept it as a part of the process. I met with ex professional cyclist Tim Mikelj, to discuss just how positive psychology can change your outlook in business and ultimately your life.

Tim Mikelj - Life & Peak Performance Coach

Tim Mikelj – Life & Peak Performance Coach

It is of fundamental importance to have a positive viewpoint on any event in life, and not give into the current negative outlook of society.

Mikelj underlined that in any business there are peaks and there are lows, comparing the nature of the business with the seasons in nature.

“After summer, comes the cold, grey winter, and after winter there is a bursting colourful spring. Seasons follow one after another. It is really important to predict the seasons and expect the outcome. In business and in life we always come to the point where there is struggle and hardship.”

He strongly believes the aim of positive psychology is not to eliminate those low points in business; they just cannot be left out.

How positive psychology works

“The goal is to try to understand what this failure, this mistake, means and what can you learn from it. The quicker you understand the meaning behind it, the sooner you are able to move forward. With that attitude you will always get the best of every situation, you will learn and you will grow.”

To have a more positive approach in business, Mikelj stresses the importance of passion, with goal setting naturally following.

“I believe if you love what you’re doing than you will have a positive approach to it anyway. If you don’t love your job, then the first thing you should consider is what to do about that.

When you love what you are doing, you need to set yourself goals. Specific goals guide us and push us in the right direction. Weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals – what do you want to achieve in those periods?  Write down your goals and post them on a visible place.”

3 simple ways to train your brain to have a positive outlook

If you want to be positive, Mikelj highlights three factors that you need to take into consideration: environment, self-belief, and self-talk.

1.     Environment
“Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. If you want to be successful connect with the most people you can who are already successful, if you want to be happier surround yourself with happy people. Soon you will start to notice the patterns of behaviour, you will learn what those people are doing and you can start to think about what you can do with yourself to reach the next level.”

2.    Self-belief
“You are more powerful than you think. I am sure you have something which makes you great, and which gives you the momentum in business and in life in general. Always believe in your abilities. Identify your strong traits, and focus on them. Ask yourself how they can serve you on the way towards your goals.”

3.    Self-talk
“Say positive things to yourself. Remind yourself how extraordinary you are, remind yourself how good you are at performing certain tasks. Use the tools you have: set reminders on your phone 3 times a day: you are amazing, you will do it, you will achieve it!”

The role of failure

“The mastery in business comes when you understand that failure is just a part of the process.  One of the most influential and successful people in the entrepreneurial world, Richard Branson, says there is no magic wand to help you become successful. The keys to success are passion and persistence. If you are passionate about something you will find the way to succeed.”

Even the most successful multi millionaire entrepreneurs don’t succeed alone, they recognize that the guidance of a professional coach or a mentor can boost progress significantly and point you in the right direction.

“Get yourself the best coach or mentor you can afford. Not having the right support while experiencing failure can lead you to struggle in business, which affects your general wellbeing and basically your whole life. It is really important to have the right, skilled people around you.”

Learning positively from failure

Mikelj identified that the only secret to success in business is to fail often, learn and grow from the experience and accept failure as a part of your journey as you work towards whatever you want to achieve.

“Failure at some point is inevitable, and if you want to succeed in any area of your life you need to take it as a part of the process. Try to enjoy, and have fun failing on your way towards the top. That attitude will give you strength and willpower.

The best advice I can give you is to follow your heart, do whatever you love and persist until you succeed”.


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