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Make a real plan for 2013

Make a real plan for 2013

The latest issue of Choices Magazine is out now and it’s creating a real buzz; we worked really hard (what’s new) on this issue and the feedback has been totally amazing.  Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us so far; your feedback is encouraging and your ideas are motivating.

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So, as 2012 comes to an end how are things with you?  Is it a case of back to back sales right up to the festive season and beyond?  Or are you busy trying to make something happen at the last minute?  Maybe you are still in the development stages of your business idea and you are busy working on making 2013 significantly different to 2012

If the festive season is going to be quiet for your business and you are making strategic plans for 2012 and beyond, then now is a great time to revisit your business plan.

At Choices Magazine we work with many entrepreneurs, helping them to start and grow their businesses, but we won’t work with anybody who doesn’t have or is not willing to develop some sort of written action plan.  We are not saying that it is impossible to set up and run a business without a business plan, far from it; all we are saying is, that the mavericks who can just hit the ground running; who have the magic touch to make most things work first time, the motivation to work through the things that don’t work, the magnetism to draw in others and the ability to keep the momentum going in uncharted territory are few and far between.

The fact that so many entrepreneurs with great business ideas struggle when it comes down to developing a business plan is the very reason why they should really take the time to go through the process.  If you are still making the transition from employee to entrepreneur, or if you have already started in business but have struggled on exactly where to put your efforts to earn a real income from your business, then take the time to put a business plan together; it’s really not as hard as you think.

Your business plan will consist of three main parts: Part 1 will be the description of your business, your plans for the future of your business, your vision, your mission, your Unique Selling Point etc… Getting all of this out of your head and into word form allows you to really formulate your idea and condense it.  The act of reading it back to yourself and analysing it is very powerful indeed.  It will not only give you a true understanding of your business, it will help you to begin to learn how to explain what you do concisely when someone asks you the dreaded question “what do you do?”.

Part 2 will be all about marketing; it’s the time to look at the industry and marketplace you are entering; study your competitors, study yourself based on your business description and really see where you will enter and how you will impact the marketplace.   Getting this section right is important but you must remember that marketing is ongoing; once you start you must constantly monitor everything you do; what works, what doesn’t and what you will do next.  This area is where most entrepreneurs spend the least time planning and subsequently end up wondering around in the world of business waiting for the inevitable while praying for a miracle.

Part 3 is all about the finances; once you have parts 1 and 2 in place you have to play around with the figures to make sure that the business is financially viable; also that you can afford to carry out  the plans that have come out of your marketing.  If you get 1 and 2 right then believe it or not, the finances are a doddle.

Once you have done all of this, all that’s left is to give it everything you’ve got to make your business a success.  There is no guarantee of success in business, but unless you are one of the mavericks I spoke about earlier you will find it hard to survive in the business world; and if you come up against a competitor who has a well mapped out plan you are as good as dead.  The advantage they will have over you is that they will have a well thought out plan that they can refer too, they will have data they can measure and can make a calculated step based on fact; while all you will have is guess work and the hope that lady luck is spending the day in your office.

Make 2013 your best year yet; plan prepare and take massive action.

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