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Make the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur now

Make the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur now

When it comes to making the transition from employment to a business of your own, it isn’t always as easy as the entrepreneurs and gurus say it is.  Of course physically all it takes is moving from one place to another, but the magic is in the mindset.  It’s the speed and skill of making a mental switch from employee to employeepreneur that will eventually see you making the full transition to becoming an entrepreneur and finally realising your dreams.

Change does not have to be long; in his book the 10 Second Philosophy; Derek Mills says it took him 10 seconds to make a paradigm shift and start to take the necessary steps to realise his ambitions.  He found that working to standards as opposed to goals really helped him.

The question is how quickly do you want to change?

As you are face the challenge of making the transition from employee to entrepreneur, your attitude to these challenges can be the main catalyst that affects the speed at which you make the necessary changes you need for success.

Do you face your challenges with the attitude of ‘I’m ready to do what is necessary to overcome this?’ Do you complain, do you criticise, do you condemn?  Or do you make the biggest mistake and use an excuse?  Excuses are powerful; when you listen to them, they can sound so convincing, so real and sometimes so profound.  In fact, the emotions attached to them are so strong that the person using the excuse is totally convinced that their feelings are totally factual.

But listen carefully and you will begin to notice cracks; on further inspection you will find that an excuse is nothing more than a thin shell of the truth, stuffed full of a lie.  From the outside it looks real, but deep inside it’s full of untruths doing nothing but holding up progress.  It’s like rationalising, where you simply tell rational- lies.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to develop a winning attitude, stop making excuses and make the necessary changes needed to make a transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Be honest with yourself.
There are many systems and techniques that can help you change your mindset for success; a simple technique that will save you a lot of time and money is to be totally honest with yourself.  Be honest about where you are; where you want to be and what you are doing about it.  Ask yourself this simple question; do you complain at the results you have while continuing to nourish the actions that perpetuate them?

Go out on a limb.
Go outside of your comfort zone; take a chance or a calculated risk.  If you are serious about having a business of your own, you may have to make a sacrifice.  You may have to forfeit your holiday abroad this year and use the time to do some real test marketing with your business.  Maybe take some unpaid leave from work so you can give your business idea a trial run.  Or if you have planed and prepared everything, it may be time to grasp the nettle, give in your notice and step out on your own.  Remember; you can’t steal second base if your foot is still on first; sometimes you have to go out on a limb: after all that’s where the fruit is.

Embrace change.
Accept that things will be different when you are making major changes, such as moving from paid employee to an entrepreneur; things may feel strange or even uncomfortable.  That’s because you are stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Learn to enjoy it; soon the uncomfortable will become comfortable and your competence will give you confidence.

Take massive action.
If you are going to change your mindset; get out of your comfort zone, take action and have a business of your own; you may as well give it everything you’ve got.  In some cases slow and steady wins the race, however with the speed of technology and changing business trends slow and steady will starve you to death.  It’s better to have a solid plan and work it as hard and as fast as you can so you can build momentum and make a successful transition from employee to entrepreneur.

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