Are Obstacles Keeping You From Growing Your Business?


Are you making real progress in your business?  Are you overcoming the obstacles that get in the way, while still doing what is necessary in spite of what life throws at you?  Can you see the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur clearer than you did last year?

It can be so easy to get stumped by the obstacles, or spend too much time doing the urgent rather than the important.  As the cold weather gives way to the longer days with the sun making an appearance, the challenges of staying focused on your goal to be an entrepreneur, or to really grow your business become much more difficult.  The challenge many people face is mixing up the urgent things with the important things.   In the summer months more people get distracted by activities and tend to only do the urgent things that continue to pop up; leaving the really important things to linger until they become urgent with sometimes devastating results.

Being able to skilfully manage your time and set the correct priorities will always help you to easily differentiate between what is important and what is urgent.

Developing a business self evaluation is really important; you have to develop the ability to evaluate your efforts, progress, challenges etc, and be totally honest with yourself about the results that you find and what you are going to do about it.  If you are someone who wants to develop a successful business, yet you find yourself looking at the brighter days and dreaming about the fun you are going to have with all this extra daylight, then you may find that when summer begins to creep away, you are no nearer to achieving your business goals than you were at the start of the year.

Setting goals and priorities, taking action, staying focused and carrying out honest self evaluation can make a real difference between a successful transition to a business of your own or remaining an employee.  It’s easy to make excuses as to why things may not be working or why progress is not being made; but take the time to be really honest with yourself about the business goals you have set, your performance and the results you are getting.  If you do, you will probably find that the key to your success may not just lie in working harder.

Real success in business is not for the chosen few, but for the few that choose to win.  It’s reserved for those who are not willing to make excuses; you see, you can make a million excuses or a million pound business, you can’t do both.

Take 10 minutes to answer these 6 simple questions; be honest in your answers and you will quickly know if you are on track to make a successful transition to become an entrepreneur:

  1. How has your performance been for the first quarter, have you made the progress in your business that you planned?
  2. Do you have a written business plan?  Not the one your business advisor forced you to do, but the one that clearly maps out what you plan to do for the next 12 months to make your business a reality?
  3. If you don’t have a plan on paper, have you decided when you are going to do so?  Or do you just know what you are going to do in your head and need to get on with it?
  4.  What do you really think of the saying ‘people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan’?
  5. Are you working both hard and smart in your business or is there something you could be doing differently?
  6. How honest have you been in your answers to these questions?

Monitoring your progress and self evaluation is key to making a successful transition from employee to entrepreneur.  Don’t sell yourself short, prioritise your tasks; take care of the urgent things but do not compromise on getting the important things done.  And most of all, manage your time correctly, remember; the secret to being successful in all that you do, will largely depend on what you do, when you have nothing to do.

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    Keep these articles coming as they’ve oepend many new doors for me.

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