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By Anthony Charles

Driven to distraction – Brits spend four years of their life driving to work, and a further 110+ days trying to park.

• The average Brit loses 34 hours every year owing to traffic problems
• Road delays exceed public transport delays by 20%
• 37% of commuters abused for parking on residential streets

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The daily commute has long been one of the greatest sources of frustration for workers. With the average worker clocking up nearly 8,000 miles per year, crowding and delays on public transport, and an increasingly choked road network, there’s little wonder that for many people the morning trip to work is the low point of their day.

Although there has been much news coverage of the vexations contended with by rail passengers, new research by OSV, a UK independent vehicle supply professional, has revealed that road delays exceed public transport delays by a massive 20%, meaning that motorists are now spending approximately four years of their life in their car commuting to work.

As if that figure wasn’t enough to put a dampener on anyone’s day, OSV have released the further revelation that workers without an allocated business parking space have to add an additional 20 minutes to their commute time daily, simply to find a place to park their car. That’s the equivalent of two full days a year, or 110 days throughout the average career.

Why not give yourself the choice of how long you are willing spend on the road getting to work or searching for a place to park.  Being a entrepreneur isn’t a walk in the park, but it does offer you the options of where, how and when you work.

Imagine what you could actually do with all of those wasted hours?  You could catch up on sleep, spend time exercising or perusing a hobby; or spending quality time with the family.

OSV joint-company director, Andrew Kirkley, comments: ‘The number of drivers in the UK has increased exponentially in the last 50 years, with more than 28?million vehicles now on the roads. Unfortunately, the relevant infrastructure hasn’t seen corresponding changes, leaving many towns and cities at a standstill.”

It’s time to make the break from that crazy commute; start making the transition today.

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