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Skip - splits imageAs I grew up, the martial artist and film star Bruce Lee became one of my great heroes. I heard the story of how he had his back broken in a fight and was told that he would never be an active martial artist again. Lee did not accept this prognosis, healed himself and went on to be a legend. His story inspired me at a time when I also had serious physical injuries, from which I healed much faster and better than predicted by the doctors who put me back together.

I was a full-time gymnast and put my body under considerable strain, incurring some serious injuries. I broke my back twice and was told each time that I would end up in a wheelchair and never walk again.

But if Bruce Lee could recover, why couldn’t I? I chose not to believe those doctors and recovered to go on and win the British Gymnastics Championships, twice. I later had a completely snapped Achilles tendon and was told by my surgeon that after 9 months I would only have up to 70% strength and flexibility. But by using the principles of health I now share with anybody who will listen, I recovered full strength and flexibility in just over 3 months and was back-flipping the length of the stage at The Royal Albert Hall in front of sell out crowds.

The truth is that Bruce Lee injured his back lifting weights and it was never broken, but I never knew that, I just knew that by following his example of total self-belief I would recover. I became more and more fascinated by stories of great recoveries from injury and illness and tried to work out what separated those who survive and flourish from those who give up and get worse.

I have also been lucky enough to spend time in the company of some of the greatest healers of our time and as I listened to them, certain similarities in their beliefs started to filter through. No drugs and no surgery and yet people get better. What was going on here? Why didn’t everyone know about this stuff?

And not only were people healing diseases by methods outside of normal medicine, but they were advocating those same methods for the prevention of illness – with phenomenal success. I discovered that this was being done with the use of basic scientific knowledge. There were no ‘miracle cures‛, just good natural management of the body’s systems – giving the body the conditions and nutrition it needs to heal itself combined with a directed mind.

And there was something else. All these people looked and acted younger than their actual age. This was exciting! I also wanted to stay looking and feeling younger.  I had suffered since childhood from all manner of ailments such as asthma, eczema, and many allergies. In my teens I caught every bug doing the rounds even though I was very fit through swimming and gymnastics training. I decided to try some of the healing methods on myself and I am now completely free from all of them. I started waking up each morning wanting to get on with life and living it to extremes and I still do.

I started telling people I met about these revelations and, surprise surprise, they told me about ailments they had. Could I do anything for them? I would listen to their stories and pick out the areas in their lives where they were deficient.  We would work out a program for them to change their eating habits, their exercise regime, sort out their damaging relationships – whatever was contributing to their sickness. Without exception they started getting better.

People began telling me ‘you should write a book‛. So I did and also wrote 5 TV shows that have just been signed by NBC Universal on a global scale which I find totally mind blowing because I’m nothing more or less than anyone else out there. I just have some tips and techniques that I’ve gone through and I’ve witnessed them transform peoples’ lives all over the world.

I developed my philosophy around what I call The 10 Commandments 4 Health and started my company, Skip’s Naked Health, with the intention that I would present “The Secrets of Health and Fitness Stripped Bare”, and now spend my time travelling the world sharing these ancient, but forgotten truths inspiring people to Supercharge their lives. I feel I have a moral obligation to inspire people to reap the benefits of living healthy and fit, prevention is always better than a cure. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone but do believe what I went through was for this very reason so I can deliver a message that’s inspirational no matter what your age.  These 10 Commandments 4 Health are tried and tested all over the world and are transforming lives from the young and ruthless to the old and toothless. In simple terms Health is our Greatest wealth because without it we have nothing.

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Skip is an NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, a graduate of the Life Mastery University of Anthony Robbins and now one of his Senior Leaders, using these skills as a Personal Life Coach and Public Speaker.

Skip has delivered his dynamic message on Naked Health to large audiences and has been on the same stages as Richard Branson, Simon Cowel, Piers Morgan, Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini (Star from The Secret), David Wolfe and Dr David Hamilton, to name a few.

He has headlined at major conferences including: Health Matters – Glasgow and London, Vitality, Longevity & Genius – London, Fat Tuesday – Sheffield, Youth Leadership Summit – Kent, Yes Group – London, Yoga for Tony Robbins – Life Mastery Event.

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