The Value of Flexibility

Choices Magazine reporter Paola De Pascali speaks with Italian entrepreneur about the benefits of working from home and gets some tips for budding home workers everywhere…

Antonio Durante croppedFlexibility and autonomy represent the main benefits for entrepreneurs who choose to work from home. It might seem a solitary solution, but many entrepreneurs enjoy working without boundaries, resulting in them reaching a more extended audience.

This is the case  for Antonio Durante, an Italian entrepreneur who created a new innovative business to face the current recession.  As the owner of  a waste disposal company, he  paid a lot of money for taxes, plant rental and workers. These excessive costs  inspired him to find another solution: just an app on a smartphone. The app helps his clients calculate the cost of waste disposal easily, cheaply and safely and has enabled Antonio to change his lifestyle and embrace home working.

“I found a good method for cutting costs. I didn’t need a plant and employees anymore, and I’m now able to reap the benefits of working from home.”

Antonio Durante shares his top 5 tips and 5 advantages for running a business from home.

5 tips to make home working a success

1. IT skills.  During the digital age it’s impossible to work without using technological devices. For this reason, you must be able to automate the traditional process which relied on paper and pens. You must develop competencies in IT; being able to use a variety of programmes and manage social media platforms as well. Don’t panic, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

2. Be informed about your market. Before starting your home-based business, you must know market trends to identify your target. Be professional, don’t act without knowledge and preparation.

3. Problem solving.  If you find some obstacles, never give up. You must be ready to always find solutions to your problems. Obviously, you will be the boss of yourself and you must be in control.

4. Creativity. Don’t be shy, use your imagination. When you set up a new business you need creativity to hit your target. Sometimes it is not easy to express your creativity at the office, but now your home has become your office and you can manage everything independently.

5. Open-minded vision. Broaden your horizons because home working represents an innovative trend which is very different than the traditional way of working.  Through technology, your business has the opportunity to be everywhere, reaching a much larger audience than you may have expected.

5 benefits for the home worker

1. Cutting costs. You don’t need to pay office rental fees and travel expenses to go to work. Obviously, there are always taxes to pay, but you can save a substantial amount of money and reduce production costs.

2. IT advantages. There are so many programmes and interfaces available to support any line of work. Use them to make your life much easier and remove human error.

3. Flexibility. You now have the opportunity to manage yourself independently – plan your own schedule and decide on your aims to achieve. It is worth noting that many entrepreneurs find that they work longer hours when at home, so make sure that you’re realistic with the workload that you set for yourself, so that you are not stuck in front of your laptop day and night.

4. Stay healthy. You are no longer forced to eat your sandwiches quickly over lunch or be tempted by the surplus fast food eateries on the high street. Take a break to cook some healthy meals, such as pasta, vegetables, etc and buy healthy food to snack on, such as fruit and nuts.

5. Work-life balance. Many psychologists say that you can improve your work-life balance when you work in a domestic place. Organise your schedule so that you can get out of the house; walk the dog, arrange a quick meet with family or friends or go for a leisurely stroll.


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